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Kazembe Kazembe engineering second Gukurahundi


The number of fatalities at the hands of ZRP has grown to an alarming level in the past few months in Matebeleland. Police recently shot 2 women in Hwange, after another fatal incident in Bulawayo. Reports against the police in Bulawayo are also increasing and thus has riled the people of Matebeleland.

The Ministry of Home Affairs which houses the police force has largely been reserved for a former ZPRA or ZAPU cadre. The late veteran Dr. Dumiso Dabengwa was one of the longest serving Ministers of Home Affairs. President ED Mnangagwa appointed political novice Kazembe Kazembe to the Home Affairs portfolio. This appointment left a sour taste in the mouths of MRP.

Matebeleland Republic Party MRP has spoken out on the appointment of Kazembe Kazembe and his discharge of duties under the ministry of Home affairs. The unfolding events have proven that MRP was right to cry foul over the Kazembe appointment.

Speaking in an interview MRP Spokesperson Velile Moyo had no kind words for Mnangagwa’s minister of Home Affairs.

Velile Moyo said ” The Mnangagwa reshuffle of his government that saw the shifting of Cain Mathema, and the entrance of Kazembe Kazembe, for someone who is politically astute and can read the moves, should have noticed that the move was intentional and ethically parading. As MRP when the move happened, we spoke about it and detected some notorious and destructive motives.

We all know since the unity accord between Zapu and Zanu, the Home affairs ministry has been held by a person of Zapu or simple put of Matabeleland.
For the first time in decades, Mnangagwa justified his move and the country saw no evil.
Two things may be involved, Mnangagwa as a direct perpetrator of the 1983-1987 genocide against the Ndebele, craved to throw in some influence to ensure that his back is covered. Home affairs are responsible for National affairs. Mnangagwa was calculative in that move to put a Shona who is also a friend in that post.

Secondly, it could be an issue of the fear of the growing voices in Matabeleland / Mthwakazi about the need for a closure of the Gukurahundi issue. The voices are growing louder and becoming multiple on a daily basis. The noise is screaming in the ears of the perpetrators, strategically by placing Kazembe Kazembe in the Home affairs, they are scheming, and it’s clear now that they want to unleash the second Gukurahundi, check the police and security forces maiming Mthwakazi residents. The vengeful outburst of Monica is a warning of a second Gukurahundi in the making.

Kazembe Kazembe was placed there for a reason. Since his appointment in 2019 November, a lot has been happening in Matabeleland in terms of human rights abuses. Monica
Mtsvangwa just opened the pandora box.

Now the voices of Matabeleland need to be silenced and a tough penalty is on its way from the regime. Bishop Ndlovu was meant to be an example.
We would like to alert our people in Matabeleland to brace themselves up. A storm is brewing a second Gukurahundi is coming. Ndebele people are not wanted in Zimbabwe they are Cockroaches in the eyes of Zimbabweans.”

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